3 Ways Drop Ceilings Can Help Your Classroom

You and your students spend hours in the classroom. Ideally, it should be a comfortable, attractive space for learning and interacting. You work hard to keep the desks clean and organized, the mess on the floor to a minimum and the walls filled with educational displays and examples of student work. Have you looked up at the ceiling recently? It is a large portion of your classroom that literally hangs over everyone’s heads.

Is your classroom’s ceiling stained and dirty? Are there unsightly pipes running across the ceiling gathering dust and looking like out-of-place snakes? A drop ceiling can hide the old stains with fresh new tiles. A drop ceiling can also hide the pipes and any exposed ductwork without the expense of having them moved. The pipes will retain full functionality and still be accessible for any needed adjustments or repairs without having to damage the new ceiling. A drop ceiling is a cost-effective way to remodel your classroom’s ceiling.

Does your classroom have a high ceiling that echoes and amplifies all the normal classroom noises? Do you find yourself having to speak loudly even when your students are trying to be on their best behavior? Your classroom may have poor acoustics. Students need a quite classroom space that allows for normal conversations. Some students with special learning needs are especially distracted by sound. A loud classroom interferes with their ability to learn. Along with improving classroom esthetics, a drop ceiling with acoustical tiles can greatly improve sound. The proper tiles can dampen excess noise while still making it easier for students to hear you and each other. Imagine a classroom with such improved sound that you don’t go home hoarse every day. Think about the positive academic benefits a quieter classroom will have for all your students, not just the noise-sensitive ones. From in-class science units to required standardized tests, your students will be learning in a classroom with an ideal sound level.

Classrooms are more crowded than ever. Yours is over-capacity with students, learning materials and new technology. Used creatively, a drop ceiling can greatly expand your display area. Are you studying a particular culture? Hang relevant images and artifacts from the ceiling and add interactive visual interest to the unit. Is it time to study weather in science? Hang student-made examples of different clouds and other weather phenomenon overhead.

Classroom atmosphere is important for learning. If you teach in crowded one with an unsightly ceiling or with bad acoustics, visit this website to learn more about drop ceiling installation in San Diego.